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Brocade Yoga Mat Bag - Unique, Patchwork, Multi

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Your chance to own a stunning one-of-a-kind patchwork brocade yoga mat bag! Our brand new design is comprised of unique combinations of brocade, with all the vibrancy of colour and sleek texture associated with this sort of fabric. Flowing, delicate patterns in gold and silver stitching cover vibrant silk luster.

There is nothing commonplace about this bag, that’s for sure! With brightly coloured woollen tassels on a pull string closure, plus a phone case and key ring on the strap, you can have an artisan bag with all the utility you need in a yoga or gym bag. The cool to the touch silk texture is divine (you may end up stroking your bag on the tube, just a fair warning!).

Note: Each of these bags are unique, so there will be some variation from the image. No huge differences in colour palette, so don’t worry! Your bag will still have the same colour map as the one in the image!


  • Each one unique
  • Phone pocket
  • Keyring
  • Water resistant lining
  • Tassel detail
  • Drawstring