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Artisan Ganesha Carving - Slate Mani Stone, Hand Carved

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Hand carved Ganesha carving on light grey slate. A relief carving with beautiful etched detailing, including a little mouse. A very tactile and artistic item, make sure to run your fingers over every groove. Perfectly palm-sized at 4 by 2.5 inches. The bottom has a smooth, raw finish. Each piece is carved completely by hand, so each is a unique artisan item. All made by a young man we met in person on our travels in Nepal, who also let us take a snap of him working!

This piece has gorgeous texture and weight to it; stones of this size feels wonderful in the palm during meditation. Placing on your altar and mantle to honours Ganesha, bringing you the strength to overcome your obstacles. They are also suitable for outdoor decoration as well as the altar or Yoga room. In the rain they produce a gorgeous black sheen, and look beautiful in a rock garden.

Slate is often used for traditional Buddhist carvings, such as Mani stones. These stones are stacked on roadsides and by temples. The name ‘Mani’ derives from the Om Mani Padme Hum Mantra and also refers to all types of these stones. The most common type of Mani stone is a relief carving of this mantra, often painted different colours. These stones are relief carvings. The top layer comprises the pattern or image, while the back layer is smooth. The image is the original top layer of the stone. Look at more of our spiritual artwork available here.

About Ganesh/Ganesha: Revered as the remover of obstacles. Patron of arts and sciences and the deva of intellect and wisdom. He is honoured at the start of rites and ceremonies as the God of beginnings. Often pictured with a mouse that represents doubts and human vices.

ganesha carving Features:
  • Hand carved Ganesha carving from Nepal
  • Grey slate
  • 4×2.5″
  • Suitable as an indoor or outdoor decoration
  • Perfect for an altar, mantelpiece or garden
  • Straight from the artisans, no middle men