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Crystal Point Necklace - Silver, Various Gemstones

Style Rose quartz
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A natural gemstone crystal point necklace. Each necklace has a crystal point with a decorative cap. There is an easy to use lobster clasp at the back. These gemstone pendants come with a chain. The pendant can also be removed and used on different chains or strings. A gorgeous casual or dressy accessory. The points are polished and smooth, so wont dig in or be uncomfortable to wear. Carry around a little crystal healing with you around your neck! Crystals are a very popular spiritual discipline and the use of crystal healing is having a wonderful resurgence in the spiritual world right now. A necklace for crystal healing and a beautiful gift. We also provide gemstone bracelets in a variety of styles. Use them for Yoga, meditation or healing.

Properties of the crystals we stock:

Rose Quartz: A very popular stone for jewellery! Rose quartz soothes anxiety and promotes a calm mind. Many carry Rose Quartz in their pockets for this reason. Also associated with both platonic and romantic love. It also represents friendships and inner harmony. A dusky, pink colour that can be clear or clouded. A variety of quartz like Amethyst and Citrine. Associated with the heart chakra.

Onyx: A variety of agate. Use onyx to dispel negative thoughts and energy. A stone used often for protection from negative energy. Offers support and stability in times of grief. Helps face everyday fears and phobias. Associated with the Root Chakra.

Moonstone: Moonstone helps to stabilize emotions. A stone of intuition and inspiration which has a feminine energy. It is associated with inner strength and new beginnings. Used when working with the upper Chakras. Also helps to address and heal emotional problems. It calms aggressive and angry thoughts.

Crystal point necklace Detials :
  • Gemstone crystal point necklace
  • Silver chain
  • Decorative patterned silver cap
  • Wonderful gift