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Cool Comfort Organic Yoga Pants - Navy Blue, Adjustable

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Organic mens yoga pants come in lots of styles, but these adjustable mens yoga bottoms are different and fun to wear. They can we worn at either a 3/4 length or full length. There is a pull string at the bottom which can be adjusted in inversions You can  pull the bottom string at full length and tie for a sweat pants style cuff that wont move in inversions.

The hidden string is actually inside the leg so the strings will not hang down. Designed to be loose fitting and ultra-comfortable, you will find your yoga practice flows like a dream (you wont want to take them off, either!). These are super light as well . Organic fabric is kind to your skin and gives yoga pants that needed breathability. All our organic cotton is GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standards) Certified and uses lowest impact dyes, so you can shop with confidence. We also add 5% spandex so you can still have superior stretch, along with an environmentally conscious garment. Everything you’d want from a pair of organic mens yoga pant’s and more! This particular fabric is super soft to topuch, great to wash and feels like feather when worn.

These are a very versatile pair and be worn with any of our shirts.

organic mens yoga pants Details:

  • 95% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton
  • Wear 3 Ways: 3/4, Full Length and Sweatpants Style
  • Super soft, breathable and stretchy
  • Loose yoga pants ideal for any yoga practice
  • Deep navy blue to match any shirt
  • Very light weight