Crow Pose(kakasana) or a Crane(bakasana)?

in Apr 16, 2024

Something between a crane and a crow pose here, i would say. I have a special neck posture because of a childhood injury, which means that i cant do certain postures properly. So here is my version of a crow/crane.

Do we have to be perfect at it? Nah! Perfection is for someone with an inflexible mind, not to say that we don’t aim to do it well or our best. Asana should be performed listening to your body’s needs and with practice, our body send us different signals and our practice gets better and and takes another shape, hence flexibility of the mind is crucial to learning yoga.

When i used to teach i constantly repeated ‘Be alert’ in my class. By staying alert to the body movements and the mind, the asana takes a different shape. Its performed with much more consciousness and brings great results. When students came to me with a ‘i cant do it’. I used to say, take the ‘t’ out of the cant and get on with it.

Do your best but don’t be perfect please…Cause when you do perfect there is no room for improvement and hence the mind does not want to do it any more…near perfect is good enough.

Aanika –