Daily Mantra – Yogamasti

in Apr 17, 2024
  • I practice everyday
  • I meditate everyday
  • I do pranayama everyday
  • I send love out every day
  • I let go of negativity everyday
  • I take in light everyday
  • I eat healthy everyday
  • I cleanse everyday
  • I am learning everyday
  • I watch my ego everyday
  • I love myself everyday
  • I serve everyday
  • I practice selflessness everyday

I am sure I have forgotten hundreds….

So many things to do every day! Life without the Daily Mantra’s is life without meaning. Do you want to just exist or live fully…knowing that the life you are leading a so full of light that no darkness can creep in- EVER.

Start practicing some of these things everyday and feel the difference, see the difference-let the new you be seen.

Love and light, I start NOW.