Eat what you want

in Apr 16, 2024

Eat what you want but be aware!
Organic, raw, vegan, gluenten free, veggie. Low this, no that. All words your either live by or hear frequently when deciding what to eat.
They say do whatever feeds your soul and that includes food. But what if you just can’t resist that big juicy burger or a sexy slab of chocolate after practise. What if that fish and chips on a Friday is what feeds your soul and gets you through the day? This is my issue, I may be a teaching yogi living and breathing yoga everyday but I don’t eat like a yogi should. I crave grease sometimes and am not afraid to admit it. I do find that when I eat without thought I feel lethargic tired and can even become a little grumpy.
Eating without thought is the issue. A lot of us don’t know enough to make an educated decision.
I would love to be a vegan and eat like a non-harmful, eco, green queen but let’s be honest, in our busy lives sometimes for whatever reason this just isn’t possible. So, I’ve designed my own diet which I call thoughtful diet. It’s simply about being consciously aware of what you are putting inside yourself daily. With a big empathises on balance.
A thoughtful diet helps to improve your physical fitness and can boost your emotional and spiritual wellbeing without limiting yourself from those cravings we all have. Obviously, everyone is different and each of us require certain foods to keep us going. So, it’s about learning what you need as an individual instead of just jumping onto the next diet fad.
One diet most yogis work with is an Ayurverdic diet or do they?.
The Ayurvedic diet teaches that different body types should consider different diets depending on their physique. This teaching refers to the different body types as doshas and by finding out which one of your body most closely correlates to, you can easily begin eating the appropriate foods in the appropriate way. These different doshas account for digestion, circulation and exercise level variations amongst other things.

So above are the three types of foods, obviously try to stay in the blue but if for any reason, you dip into the brown occasionally, if you are aware and keeping a sense of balance it really shouldn’t matter. Do what, be what, eat whatever makes you happy.
To work out what body type you may want to look at
We here at yogamasti mostly stick with blue but most definitely come in and out of the other two)
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