Here’s Some Beautiful Yoga Rooms To Inspire You!

in Apr 15, 2024

We’ve been surfing the web collecting some truly beautiful Yoga rooms that are sure to inspire you! We’ve got a great mix of unusual and inspiring Yoga spaces! The point of a Yoga space is to ease us into an enlightened frame of mind. So expect harmonious decor and a (generally) less-is-more vibe to these areas. Remember though – when you’re creating your Yoga space, there’s no need to follow another’s rules. If heaps of books and rugs soothe your soul, why not have them in a Yoga room? The point isn’t minimalism, per se. It’s a lack of chaotic visual input from mess and clutter, which may make practice more difficult.

We love looking at beautiful interiors for Yoga inspiration, like this minimalist, earthy Yoga space by Rozalynn Woods. We’ve seen some incredible studios on our travels, and as we are taking our practice outdoors more and more, outdoor spaces are also worth thinking about. We recently tried a little garden Yoga with a local Yoga teacher, which definitely made us think more seriously about carving out outdoor Yoga spaces too.

It’s also worth saying that Yoga during lockdown made us all take a harder look at our

home practice and whether the space we had was really going to suit our needs, long term. If you’re serious about Yoga and have the space, a Yoga room is a must. Why do you need a Yoga room? Simple! You’ll be reaping the benefits on a daily basis, as well as being encouraged to keep up your practice. Most yoga teachers have a dedicated space to hone their yoga flow, and I’m sure you’ll have seen plenty of beautiful homes in the background of Yoga shots on Instagram! So why not get a little inspiration for yours here?

This Yoga and meditation room provides a tranquil escape for an ER doctor in Houston, Texas. A Yoga and meditation room can be as simple as some decent quality, beautiful meditation cushions and sparse, tasteful decorations. Place all your meditation aids together in an orderly way and keep a space fragrant and calm by burning oils. We urge you to check out the rest of this woman’s apartment here, it’s incredible!

So this room is technically dressing for a product photo from Julia Keys, but we absolutely LOVE the crystal display idea. If you like to pair crystals with your Yoga practice (check out the crystals we recommend for your practice here), this pyramid display is great storage inspiration. You can keep your beautiful crystals on display while keeping them organised and uncluttered. If you want a little Chakra healing in your Yoga space you can check our our Chakra products here.

Remember that your Yoga space doesn’t have to be a separate room if you don’t have the space. If your living room is airy and uncluttered it could make a beautiful spot for Yoga. This monochrome living room by hafenmaedchen has plenty of floor space for her practice, while the uncluttered but quirky decor keeps the atmosphere peaceful. Harmony in your decor will bring harmony to your practice by removing visual clutter. Even a space with many many objects will feel uncluttered if those objects are in aesthetic harmony.

How about a colour scheme? Is there a particular colour that energizes, inspires or calms you? What about a Yoga room that centers around it? You can’t go wrong with a warm, soothing orange, and we love Yoga teacher Maureen’s rejuvenating Yoga room.

This beautiful little corner by April Blake uses a large antique-style mirror to separate it from the rest of the room. There’s plenty of purifying plant life to keep your head clear and the natural tones offset with gold give the whole space a warm, comfortable and balanced feel.

This Yoga room from the Bachman Ideas House (via the Crazy Craft Lady) would calm anyone down! The light wood floor gives a studio feel to it while the reclaimed wood and weathered accessories give a textural contrast. We have a beautiful Buddha wall mask in etched clay here. We’d definitely recommend plenty of plants in your Yoga space – get that oxygen flowing! Keep your connection to nature even if you’re in a new build in Milton Keynes!

So? Feeling inspired? Beautiful Yoga rooms you’d like to show us? Or maybe you have your own that you’re proud of…?

Tell us about your dream Yoga room – we’d love to hear!