What Is AcroYoga? Can Anyone Give It A Try?

in Apr 15, 2024

Most of us have seen the incredible acroyoga images floating around the web by now. So what is acroyoga? Can anyone give it a go? Is it dangerous? Why acroyoga and not, say, a demanding practice like Ashtanga? What will you get out of this practice?

Let’s get started!

Acroyoga: What Is It?

Acroyoga is a sort of fusion between partner yoga, acrobatics, gymnastics and circus performance. It uses groups or partners to perform lifts and hold poses. It’s inspired in part by acrobatic performances where partners or groups support one another in complex positions and daring lifts. It has a flowing, dance-like quality when practiced well. What’s fantastic about this practice is the capacity for having fun and experimenting.

Can Anyone Try Acroyoga?

Pictured: Ashtanga Leggings (pink), Vinyasa Pants (green), Synergy Chakra Leggings (grey), Chakra Pants (black)

We’d recommend having experience with a traditional form of Yoga first, or some experience with gymnastics. Acroyoga requires a good sense of balance (and a little daring!) to try the lifts. However – if you have a partner to practice with who is experienced with Acroyoga, you can  get away with a little less experience-wise, as they will be there to support you.

We’d recommend starting with a class experience. Going into these lifts requires learning to trust in your partner(s). When performing lifts, as in all gymnastics and acrobatics, guidance is key. There’s a little more to acroyoga than the partner Yoga you may be used to.

It’s also good to note that most Acroyoga is group based, and it’s a little more difficult to find classes that cater to this style. Check the Yoga Village Directory for a teacher or Yoga center in your area.

Is Acroyoga Dangerous?

Obviously the chance of falling is higher when you’re performing lifts and adding acrobatic stunts. You are also trusting and relying on the balance of your partner or group (this is why we’d recommend practicing with someone more experienced, if you’re a beginner). Acroyoga classes will also usually be in a gym with crash mats, gymnastics floors etc. Many people also like to practice outdoors in the park, where the grass will catch your fall.

But the more practice and effort you put in, the less wobbles and drops there will be. To be honest, 90% of your falls wont really be falls at all. You’ll just catch yourself harmlessly with a hand or foot. It’s also good to note that these wobbles are what makes it fun! You’re sure to get a laugh (or 20!) trying out acroyoga poses!

Remember: The likelihood you will fall is much higher with a Yoga fusion like this. Most falls wont hurt at all. But if you’re recovering from an injury or have a weaker back, perhaps give acroyoga a miss until you’ve built a bit more strength.


If you’re looking to add a bit more variety to your practice but aren’t ready or able to try something as ambitious as acro yoga try our tips for outdoor yoga. Taking your practice outdoors lets you experiment with your pracice and see it from new and surprising angles. If you want to add a bit of wacky fun to your Yoga world without the acrobatics, try our weird and wonderful Yoga examples.

Final Thoughts:

Acroyoga is a wonderful opportunity to learn some valuable lessons about trust and open up the Root Chakra. Being lifted (or lifting) is a exercise of trust in your partner to support and catch you. It also teaches you the willingness to trust yourself to catch and support others. It’s a fun, imaginative practice that gives you a chance to see what your body is really capable of doing. Everyone has seen amazing acrobats performing joyful group jaunts and wished they were part of it! Now you can give that a dream a shot – via Yoga!

Have any of you guys tried this funky Yoga fusion?