How To Keep A Yoga Mat Clean – Tips & Recommendations

in Apr 12, 2024

There’s plenty of different ways to keep a Yoga mat clean, and they vary in price and convenience. None of these options are particularly difficult to find or use. Some are also essentially free and use only what you already have at home! There are plenty of options out there, such as commercial mat sprays, wipes and solutions. But these can often be pricey, and if you use your Yoga mat daily, they don’t quite last as long as you’d like.

So we’re going to show you a few different options we recommend for your cleaning solution. We’ll start with off the shelf cleaning solutions then offer a couple of DIY ideas.

Check out our easy clean, eco friendly mat options here.

Cleaning Sprays

Cleaning sprays are super quick to use and your mat doesn’t need rinsing afterwards. However these sprays vary hugely by price brand to brand. They can also reach pretty steep prices for small amounts. But a great thing is they have plenty of eco-friendly options.

To get the most out of your cleaning spray, don’t go too overboard with your spritzing. Often a little goes a long way. Also be careful which type of cloth you use, as coarser scouring pads or sponges can easily damage your mat’s surface. Use a soft jay cloth or rag. Or even better, use a super soft cloth for cleaning wood surfaces.

Commercial Option: Mel Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner At £9.99


Mid priced, organic and produced in the UK in small batches by an independent label! What more could you want as a conscious Yogi? Active ingredients include grapefruit and tea-tree essential oils. Both are known for their anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties, so are excellent for Yoga mats.

Cheap Or Free Yoga Mat Spray Option:

Try DIY! There’s a few DIY mat spray tutorials out there on YouTube, but here is the most

Yoga With Adriene is the most popular YouTube Yoga account out there, and if you’re inexperienced with Yoga she is an excellent choice for an intro. But we implore you to take a look at other spray DIYs, as many may be easier or more cost effective for some.

Yoga Mat Wipes

These are easy, disposable and portable options than can go straight into your gym or Yoga mat bag. The ones below are even safe to clean yourself too! As for DIY/free options there are plenty HOWEVER: DO NOT USE COMMERCIAL SURFACE CLEANING WIPES ON YOUR YOGA MAT! Regular household cleaning wipes will abrade your mats surface, and some are even strong enough to dissolve mats outright! Always avoid using household wipes!

Commercial Option: Jo-Sha Essential Oil Yoga Mat Wipes: $11.95 on Etsy


DIY/Free Option: Baby Wipes!

Honestly I’ve used these on my mat plenty of times and had great results. They’re cheap, in the house already and certainly gentle enough for cleansing a yoga mat. What these aren’t great for is if your cleaning your mat for hot yoga sessions, or if it sees heavy or outdoor use. They don’t quite have the cleaning power you need.

Extra Tips:

How To Keep A Yoga Mat Clean After Outdoor Yoga

If your mat is muddy or gritty after an invigorating outdoor Yoga session(tips here!), try soaking it in the bath first. ‘Sticky’ Yoga mats grab little bits of sand and dust like nothing else! So half fill your tub with water and a little ordinary dish soap and leave to soak before wiping down with a soft cloth.

Cleaning Heel Marks Off A Yoga Mat

Use the same method as above. However, if this doesn’t work, add a little more dish soap to the marks and massage into the mat with your fingertips. Oils from your skin can help ingrain dirt into surfaces, so try and use a soap that specifically tackles oils.

For Everyday Yoga Mat Cleaning

Spray cleaners are (we’ve found) the easiest and most convenient method for cleansing a Yoga mat. Use a soft, dedicated cloth that you only use for cleaning your mat and nothing else.

There we have it!

Any Yoga mat cleaning tips guys?