How To Use Meditation Wraps

in Apr 17, 2024

People often ask us how you can use our mantra and Chakra meditation wraps, so here’s a little information about them from us.

Meditation is a deeply personal affair, and when we meditate we can have very different goals. Meditation aids like wraps and incenses are there to help you reinforce that goal. Wrapping yourself in soothing material makes you feel secure and creates a kind of barrier between yourself and distractions. People have used wraps and shrouds in meditation for thousands of years, either draped over the head or as part of a larger fabric garment.

On our mantra wrap we have printed the Gayatri Mantra in the original Sanskrit, so you can essentially shroud yourself in mantra, narrowing your focus. A great (if odd) tip with our wraps is to put them in a bag in the fridge for a little while before use. A cooled wrap will provide you instant clarity, and can really help with getting into the meditative mindset.

Our hand-painted Chakra Wrap is especially popular with Kundalini Yogis, and also works as a fantastic piece of home décor when you aren’t using it! You can even fold it to whatever Chakra you are meditating on to keep your mind focused. Our Chakra Wrap is best draped over the head or shoulder, or folded in the lap.

Wrap yourself up in spirituality and you’ll find your meditation journeys a lot easier!