Tree Pose And It’s Benefits

in Apr 17, 2024

Did you know that the tree pose alludes to the tale of Rama and Sita in Indian mythology? In the legend, Sita takes refuge under the trees and meditates to escape the torment of the demon king’s minions, chanting for Rama to come and rescue her! She remains ‘rooted’ to the ground and protected from their tricks through meditation and chanting.

Tree Pose or Vriksasana is achieved by standing upright and drawing one foot to the thigh, bending at the knee. You then place your palms together above your head. Tree pose can be tricky if your balance isn’t the best, but that’s what’s so great about it! After just a few seconds of tree pose you will know if your balance could use some work!

Other than balance, the Vriksasana is fantastic for the legs and core, as you are constantly working your core muscles to stay balanced, and your legs to stop yourself falling over! It’s a deceptively simple pose, and beginners may feel a bit like a wobbling spinning top, but that means it’s doing its job – teaching you to maintain your balance without the counter-weight of your spread arms to help you! Taking your arms out of the equation forces you to use only your muscles to maintain your position.

Use tree pose to stay ‘rooted’ to your mat! Boost your core and balance (and try not to fall on your butt!) 😉