Kundalini Yoga Clothing For Men By Yogamasti 2019

in Apr 15, 2024

We know finding decent yoga clothing as a guy can be a hassle – especially when you’re looking for something specific. Here’s our round up of some perfect white Kundalini Yoga clothing for men. Take the headache out of finding white clothing that will actually perform on the mat! Compromises with non-yoga specific garments mean more irritations and distractions while practicing. So take your pick of our white performance garments that wont let you down. Natural fibers and ultimate comfort give you the flexibility and breathability to practice unhindered and stay focused.

So let’s get started:

‘Yogi’ Full Length Practice Pants

Loose fit, super stretchy with a secure waistband and no-nonsense cut! A perfect every-day yoga option.

Men’s Yoga Shorts In White

For those of you that prefer shorts, here we’ve got a pair of super stretch, pure white above-knee shorts. Don’t worry – they’re tight around the legs, but not over the crotch! 😉

100% Organic Shakti Tank Top

A soft, simple, 100% organic tank with a spiritual mantra slant. Includes little splits up the hem for ease of movement.

So there are our top three! We now also offer our Sacred Tattoo Pants in white too, if you prefer a slimmer fit. Feel free to browse our other clothing for something perfect for you.