What Meditation Wraps Are For And How To Use Them

in Apr 15, 2024

Another little guide from us! If you’re wondering what meditation wraps are for, look no further. We offer a few different wraps, and we believe these can really enhance your yoga practice and help you get in the meditation zone.

So Why Use a Meditation Wrap?

Firstly: it comforts us. When we meditate, we’re going to a place of peace, stillness and comfort. A sort of psychological refuge from the stresses of life. Draping a meditation shawl around yourself gives a real feeling of comfort and security. Using a light, airy cloth gives us a sense of peacefulness and safety without making us feel contained.

Secondly: it gets you in the zone. Ritualistic and routine behaviors around meditation promote consistency. Having a specific place, seat, incense, music or wrap adds structure to the meditation process and encourages the habit. Knowing you’re going to grab your slice of peace from a nice environment with your favourite sounds and smells is a big motivator!

Thirdly: it inspires you! We print our wraps with inspiring mantras and hand painted motifs – adding spiritual inspiration to the traditional idea of a shroud. When we meditate we want to be inspired to feel something higher than ourselves, and depictions of mantras encourage us to use them. Repetitions and affirmations are what makes spiritual messages sink into the whole self, not just the surface mind.

How Do I Use My Meditation Wrap?

It’s hard to figure out what meditation wraps are for just by looking at them – they simply look like a very large airy scarf. And you can use them like one! Our wraps make great every day accessories too, but we recommend making them part of a meditation routine. When you’re preparing to meditate and settling down on your cushion, drape the wrap around your shoulders gently (don’t wrap tight or it will just be distracting!). Perhaps recite the mantras printed on it, or your meditation intentions. Some people drape it across their head, too, to feel completely enshrouded. Wraps like our Hatha Yoga Sequence and Hand Painted Chakra Wrap also make fantastic wall decorations for a yoga room! Hanging spiritual symbols and yoga stuff can be really inspiring.

So that’s a wrap on wraps! 


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