Live In Yoga Pants – The Newfound Everyday Wear

in Apr 16, 2024

Good Morning Yogis.

I love Lazy Sundays and yesterday was an even more special Sunday as we celebrated Mother’s Day. I put on one of my active wear legging along with a funky top and I am all good to go.

I received this picture today that put a big smile on my face. Partly because it does make me happy to see our beloved brand on people but also because I am a big fan of taking yoga active wear on everyday settings where you would normally be expected to use casual or formal attire. For quite a while now I have chosen to combine style with comfort in my daily life. For me comfort is of paramount importance (it might as well be part of growing older and choosing more functional garments). But I also enjoy looking and feeling good and I find that dressing in active wear is my answer to this. And I do not feel I am alone on this. Nowadays people are often seen sporting yoga pants, leggings and other active apparel as their everyday wear. Headings such as ‘yoga pants are the new jeans’ summarise the new trend of using yoga active wear as the new smart/casual option. It has become socially acceptable to live in this flattering apparel that encompasses comfort with artistic and fashionable touches. You can choose to dress them up or down.

I find this trend very aspiring and convenient and feel that yoga pants have gained a worthy place as a staple in ones closet. Yoga clothes are not just active wear for conscious yogis but a garment they cherish and want to practise in let alone live in it. What differentiates active wear from yoga clothing/active wear is the quality of fabric, holistic motifs on them and the soft support needed to perform asanas well. And of course the energy they carry with them.

So there goes Adidas, Reebok, Nike kind of active wear and here comes yoga clothing/yoga active wear for yogis who look to enhance the experience of asana practice on or off the mat.

Here at yogamasti we are bringing yoga fashionable active wear to all of you.

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