Yogamasti’s Take On Yoga Moves

in Apr 16, 2024

Would you say that Yoga moves and movement arising through practice of Asanas are actually openings? Openings of the body and of the mind. Our nervous system is so intricately threaded through our bones and joints that when we move in any direction and in any posture, our whole selves move which makes any movement precious. Precious to experience, savour and actually watch it!Conscious yoga moves is hence crucial to yoga practice.Only then will we will allow the opening not just of the body but of the mind too.

It will be fit to say that an open mind only lives in an open body. But reciprocally an open body simply happens with an open mind too!

Old sages in India and even my Guru used to say just meditation will open your body. Conscious breaths will bring you to the present and energy will rise and actually open your inner being.

Try it. Will only happen if you meditate regularly and with intention though.

Yoga is like dancing in a flowing motion  and when performed with ease and consciousness can lead to our inner beauty unfolding. Lets try and keep our yoga moves free flowing with every  breath and let the magic of yoga out!

Stay connected to your yoga moves and breath and of course us 🙂

In love and peace from yogamasti team