Pranayama-the Old Medicine

in Apr 16, 2024

Well, instead of a paracetamol why not try a few breathing exercises.

Correct breathing will not only unblock us but also rejuvenate us, that’s for sure.

Headache- Try nadi shodhan

Depressed- Try nadi shodhan again

Need an energy boost- Try kapal bhatti

Feeling lethargic- Do a few rounds of kapal bhatti and get yourself going

They say morning is the best time for pranayama but as long as you are not full stomach, do it when you need it. After late evening best to stay still and just watch your breath. Pranayama has multitude of benefits. Breathing correctly should be a given but most of us don’t breathe. We either breathe hard, or force it or hold it or….?

Pranayama helps us to understand breath and hence correct it. Try it now!

simple conscious breathing goes along way….