Look Cool, Stay Cool – Beat the Heat!

in Apr 16, 2024

Keep Cool in Your Yoga Practice

This week we have been enjoying a HUGE heatwave here! So we decided to showcase some of the ways we at Yogamasti work to keep you cool during your yoga practice and lifestyle. All it takes is a hot day to remind us our clothes are not as light and cooling as we thought! Sometimes the best method for keeping the summer heat at bay is just a shady corner with some iced tea! But add yoga practice and exercise to the equation and proper clothing is essential. Most of all, there’s a  big difference between ‘hot yoga’ and being so overcooked you are wilting!

Cool Cottons – The Organic Collection

You can buy plenty of lightweight yoga clothes in our organic collection that make your practices on hot days more comfortable. An example of our latest being the beautiful mandala leggings. With their pull string detail you can convert them easily into a shorter Capri – perfect for summer. Also pictured is our loose fitting, airy comfort flow top in black, that you can wear to keep the air flowing.

It’s been said many times that wearing our products feels like wearing nothing at all. Comfort is key to us! In summer cotton is a no-brainer for clothing and preferred by most to beat the heat. All of the cotton used in the Organic Collection is just that – 100% Organic and worth every penny.

Stay cool. Look cool. Bring on the summer, yogis!