Instagram Your Yoga!

in Apr 16, 2024

Hello Everyone!

I’m sure a lot of you will know about the infamous mobile app called Instagram”, but just in case you don’t: it’s an application you get to download for free on your smartphone or android phone where you can take a picture (for example, a yoga pose you’ve finally manage to accomplish!), stick it through several filters and choose which you prefer most, and post it online for others to see. It’s been one of the fastest ever growing trends on the Internet and people have been using it a lot to post about their every day lives!

So my question is…Is it useful to Instagram your yoga?

Well, taking pictures of your practice can actually add value to you in the sense that when you want to achieve a certain pose but not sure how far along you’re getting, taking a picture of yourself every once in a while can allow you to notice how much better (or sometimes worse!) you’re getting! I’m sure none of you will be getting worse. Besides, practice makes perfect!!!

If you’re unsure how to immortalise yourself whilst practising your daily cup of yoga, you can try some of these ideas:

  • If you want to Instagram yourself! Go grab your smartphone, go to your app store and download Instagram. Create your account, add a little profile pic if you like, and you’re good to go! (Try toying around with it at first to get yourself acquainted to the application). Pose your phone somewhere where you are SURE it won’t fall (trust me, guys…smartphones aren’t very solid, especially if you’ve “forgotten” to insure it!) So put your camera on a timer, quickly make your yoga pose and don’t forget to smile as though you’re enjoying it (hahahah)!
  • If you’re a pro photographer (just kidding), and have a digital camera: get yourself a tripod on which you can stand your camera! This way you can easily manipulate the light, the frame, posture, time, etc…and you’ll most probably end up with a better picture 🙂
  • Get someone else to take a pic! Now this is probably the easiest, because someone else can judge whether it’s the right time to take the photo, and can guide you vocally into snapping a good pic out of you!

Either case, good luck with it & Have Fun!! Oh, and don’t forget to show us your results, simply post your photos on Twitter with the hashtag #YogamastiGram !

Until then, Yogi Hugs from Yogamasti