Yoga Before Your Know It?

in Apr 16, 2024

Hi Everyone,

Today I feel like talking about my personal yoga practice, because recently I’ve found out a whole new thing about myself…thanks to yoga!

Yoga is all about listening to your body, and I know this might sound a little simple to people who haven’t practiced yoga before – but in all truthness: this is a solid fact.

The day I decided to start practising yoga, I spent a few hours vigorously looking for the right poses, their names, videos, researching yoga sequences to try…and ended up following a daily routine.

But a few weeks ago, I decided to stop doing all that research, and start looking “from within”. Now, have you ever heard of the term “you’re born with it or you’re not”? It’s like playing an instrument: some people are naturally gifted, and unfortunately some can try as hard as they want – they just don’t have it in them… Well, I believe I was gifted with yoga.

I realised that way before my decision to practice yoga, I was already in fact right in the middle of it. Practising stretches before going to sleep, during the day taking some time off to stretch and to close my eyes in meditation, I would bend my body in the positions it would ask me to (even under the eyes of my visibly shocked entourage!). I had never realised what I was doing because it had come so naturally to me, I was in fact practising yoga before I knew it..!

Have you done the same? When did you discover yoga?

Let me know on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #YogaBeforeYouKnowIt and let us join in the conversation.

In the mean time, enjoy your practice & good luck!

Yogi Hugs from Yogamasti