Super Summer Yoga Walk

in Apr 16, 2024

It’s official – Summer has begun! It’s time to make the most of beautiful weather, clear skies, and all the sounds and smells of a world come alive. It’s time to get out there and do a super summer yoga walk!

Aside from the obvious health and fitness benefits of walking, it can be an opportunity to disconnect from a busy modern lifestyle and reconnect to something much purer. Breathe in, breathe out... and let yourself experience the natural joys of summer for what they are. Be alive! The birds, the bees and the trees are all free of charge! And I’m sure we can agree that there are few things more symbolic of our connection with the natural world around us than the chirping of birds in the summer sun while the fresh breeze flows over our skin. Take a moment in your walk to just enjoy this, and let the mechanical and the synthetic fade away. Make the most of it – don’t be shy to drop some asana in a sunny spot you find on the way! The world is your yoga studio, baby!

It’s true walking itself is very meditative, but why not integrate a little mantra in time with your paces? If you time your walk right it can give you just the right clarity of focus to really boost your practice (and your mood!), leading to a more natural and profound experience. Come to your mat with clear lungs, a clear head, and all that summer goodness radiating from you.

You can’t clear your head on a stroll when you’re sweating in jeans and a cardigan – we have plenty of beautiful clothes and yoga wear – leggings and yoga pants in cool cottons to keep you comfortable. Walk the walk!

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