Love Yoga….Love Yogamasti!

in Apr 16, 2024

Are you an avid yoga practitioner…are you among those you live, breathe, eat, drink yoga? If you are the true yogi who understand the true essence of Yoga, then you are someone who would understand what Yogamasti is all about…

The point is if you love Yoga….then would be difficult for you to not Love Yogamasti!!

As a Yoga brand that believes in the true teachings of yoga and being a brand founded by a Yoga instructor, Yogamasti knows what is it that goes into making that perfect attire that helps boost your practice.

Our clothing is very practical yet very stylish and it makes you look very much a part of the surroundings and the teachings of yoga. Yogamasti’s four collections incorporate various facets of yoga in it and each of the collections has an identity of it own..

Yogamasti’s hand-painted OM collection is inspired by the Chakras and Lotus which make your everyday plain yoga pants matchless most of our customers vouch for that. And don’t worry the hand-painted look doesn’t come with any additional care requirements, just wash them in the machine like any other garments. The fabrics that we use are cotton rich and are super friendly for the skin.

If you are a fan of more fitted look then our moisture-wicking practice collection does the trick for you. This hi-tech treated fabric is used to make our seamless leggings and tops which provide amazing support during all your postures. The spirit of Yoga comes out through the various sanskrit and asana motifs which are woven into the fabric.

We as Yogis understand the importance of nature and since Yogamasti is a environment friendly brand out organic and lifestyle collection are testimony to that. These garments are made of organic and natural fabrics which let you put together a suave on or off the mat look together.

So don’t wait, check out Yogamasti’s beautiful clothing at