The Booming Yoga Clothing Industry

in Apr 16, 2024

More than 15 million people are said to regularly participate in yoga in the United States spending more than $27.0 billion on yoga products. The craze of yoga has grown in the last one decade and a practice of the east is now widely adopted by the western world whether its north America or Europe.

One of the major impacts that the spread of yoga has had is on the fashion industry. Yoga clothing has now become a thing and every apparel brand is launching their new active wear line which has specific clothing labeled as Yoga clothing.

The business is getting so huge that brands like Lululemon have finally given competition to the Levis and Gaps of the world. The era of Denims/Jeans is now gone…and more and more teenagers, professionals, youth girls are wearing their leggings and yoga pants instead of the always favourite jeans. YES…Jeans is now finally passe…

Yoga clothing is huge business and tonnes of new brands have bourgeoned in the last couple of years to get a share of the huge industry. Another boost that the yoga clothing market is getting is from the various yoga events that are organised every year which provide a platform for these brands to showcase their designs and sell their products.

Some brands are specifically specialise in yoga clothing while others are coming up with active-wear for various sports.

Yogamasti is one unique brand which focuses on only Yoga clothing. All our products are inspired by various facets of yoga and each and every garment has its own story to tell. We currently offer 4 lines. The OM collection which is mainly inspired by Chakras and Lotus….this is our exclusive and matchless hand-painted garments. The we have our practice collection with is made up of high-tech moisture wicking fabric ideal for various different types of yoga practice. Being a yogi one realises the importance of using Organic products and hence we have our organic collection for that. Since, yoga clothing is not only for the mat but also for a chic look outside the studio, we have come out with our lifestyle collection just to give you that perfect off-the mat look.

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