Men’s Yoga – Why The Taboo?

in Apr 16, 2024

This is one for all the men who think that yoga is for women. You couldn’t be more wrong! Listen to the inner yogi in you, it’s crying out for attention…Women love to chit-chat, we all know that – which is why you’ll more often hear about women practicing yoga with their girlfriends etc…Well, luckily I’m here to chit-chat about why YOGA is made for men like you!

Let’s start with a few DID YOU KNOW facts shall we! Did you know…

  • There are more male yoga teachers than female!? Yep guys, that’s right. Okay, so a lot of women will go to these classes just for the sake of enjoying some eye-candy practicing yoga will make you look sexy and very easy on the eyes, trust me…but for those who’d like to simply be a student in these classes…have you ever thought that you would literally be standing in a room full of gorgeous, good-looking women?! Didn’t think you had! 
  • All yoga disciplines from 5000 yrs ago were started by men!? Just think about it, research it, Google it. You will not find a practice in the ancient history of yoga that was created by a women, I can tell you that! Even in today’s guru’s, take a look at Bikram yoga, a practice invented by Bikram Choudury. He’s made his millions, has he not? Bikram Choudury at a book signing.
  • Footballers practice yoga!? I don’t blame you if you didn’t know this…When I think of football, my knowledge is limited to David Beckham and very large pay rolls. However, yoga is used to overcome injuries from the pitch and sharpen their skills as well! It is said that David James, West Ham and England goalkeeper, has taken up yoga. Following an injury in the 2001 World Cup, David says that he came to yoga as part of his rehabilitation process, and quickly noticed the benefits of an on-going practice. He now has regular sessions to keep his muscles flexible, his body aligned and his mind free from stress!

That’s right guys, and you thought yoga was only meant for girls…

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