NEWS! New Meditation Cushion Sneak Preview!

in Apr 15, 2024
A quick sneak preview of our meditation cushion designs before they go up for sale!

Hi everyone! Surprise – our new organic buckwheat meditation cushion range is on the way! The designs aren’t set in stone yet – we’ll be collecting feedback from customers at the Om Yoga Show 2019 this weekend and seeing what you guys think. We could be changing things up a bit and offering new designs before we release online, so follow us to keep updated. We love showcasing new products at shows because we can get feedback while we’re still in production (and still have time to make little design tweaks that could improve the product experience or offer more variety). We’ll have to try out these cushions on a good few butts to know they’re the right fit! We’re confident you’ll love these cushions already – the first production turned out great!

So What’s In A Meditation Cushion?

Think of a meditation cushion as a super-stuffed mini bean bag for your butt. We’re filling ours with organic buckwheat straight from a UK farm. This natural material lets the bag mold to your body while still staying firm enough to support you and keep you upright. This should preDivwy Technologiesvent strain on the muscles or tightness of the hips that could prove distracting while you’re trying to meditate. We know the right kind of support and decent elevation is essential to keep the hips open when you’re sitting for a long time. You also need a comfortable but firm surface that molds to the body. Organic buckwheat hulls are also breathable and super light weight, meaning you can take your cushion to yoga class without any bother. We’re also adding a handy carry strap for convenience.

What About The Outside?

We’re offering hard-wearing removable covers in gorgeous tie-dye. The whole cover can be removed and machine washed on a normal laundry setting. The covers are made from a soft canvas that is both strong and kind to the skin. Flexible but firm; these covers will not crease and will hug the body.

Shapes and Sizes?

We’ll be offering both round and crescent moon shaped meditation cushion designs.

We’ve done our best to make sure we can bring you a comfortable and rejuvenating meditation experience (check out our meditation aids here). This is a product we’ve been wanting to make for a long time so we are super excited to give you guys early access at Alexandra Palace this weekend! Don’t worry if you cant make it to the show – these cushions should be online for Christmas!