Om Yoga Show 2019 – What We’re Bringing To This Year

in Apr 15, 2024

Held at the insanely grand Alexandra Palace in London (below), the om yoga show is one of our very favorites. Such a huge event lets us connect with people from all across the UK at once! By now you’ll know how much we fly around with Yogamasti, attending events with our clothes and gear. We love Europe and wouldn’t change our border hopping for the world … but there’s something to be said about home turf! We are a UK yoga clothing label after all, so where better to showcase ourselves than THE biggest uk Yoga show?

So What’s New For Us This Year?

We’ve got all our existing lines this year, plus a few items from previous lines you won’t find on the site any more. Shows are a great way for us to test out new lines before we release them to the public. We often make small batches of items to debut at shows so we can talk to customers about them face to face. Plus we get to see our stuff on all kinds of body types, not just tall models. This year we’re hoping our new project – (an incredible Indian woodblock print garment that you guys will go crazy for) – will be here in time for us to test it out on our Om Show guinea pigs!

We see a lot of the same faces every year, but if you’re a newbie, don’t be shy to come say hello and talk Yoga with us! Browse a LookBook and let us know what you’re into!  If you’re a Yogamasti fan and saw us last year, come ask us about what we’ve been up to and take a look at our new stuff.

We get ready for this show early as it’s such a big deal for us! Right now we are figuring out what show-exclusive discounts to give and what items from our Buddha Boutique you guys might like to see too. We like to take interesting, unique boutique-y items to this show from our bricks-and-mortar store. People who love our clothes will love the little extra home & fashion items we bring along. It all has that vibrant, spiritual flair you know and love.

We’re also bringing plenty of Yoga jewellery, mala beads, gemstone bracelets and spiritual pendants!

Om Yoga Show Tip For First Time Visitors:

If you’re coming to the Om Yoga show specifically to buy Yoga clothes, we urge you to take your time! With a show this massive, the variety on offer can feel a bit daunting. All the stands are worth a good look (or a good rummage!). There is so much to offer in such a beautiful location – don’t charge through worried you wont get through everything! Sample the food, fun, and really soak up the atmosphere! Take the opportunity to get to know other UK Yogis. We see old and new friends every year and it is such a rewarding experience.