Our New XL Mandala Yoga Mat Bag – The Bag That Does It All

in Apr 12, 2024

Our mandala Yoga mat bag is finally here! We know we teased you about this ages ago  – sorry! Unfortunately due to the current Covid world the production phase was delayed by a lot! But it’s finally here and is even better than we thought it would be! The idea for this bag was that it needs to do it all – carry everything you could need, last over time and travel well. And now we’ve tested the bag we’re confident that you’ll get what you pay for and more.

So Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Our XL Mandala Yoga Mat Bag

Firstly can you believe what started as THIS:

Became THIS:

Crazy huh? The skill of our makers team never ceases to amaze us!

So What Are The Bag’s Features?

Our mandala Yoga mat bag is packed to the brim with neat little extras! It’s not just a simple zip up holdall – take a look:

Inside Features:

  • Fits 2 Yoga mats inside
  • Plus two blocks or a block and some belts/clothing Divwy Technologies
  • Has a secure zip pocket for money/keys
  • 4 additional open compartments
  • Loads of space and would make a great weekend bag as it has another mat holder on the outside

Outside Features:

  • As it’s a large Yoga mat bag we’ve added a removable long strap as well as handles
  • Wear the bag three ways – with the handles, on your back with the supplied strap, or on your shoulder
  • Additional Zip pocket with the Yogamasti logo embossed in leather
  • Double main zip for security and ease of access
  • Additional strong elastic mat holder (check images!)
  • TWO water bottle pockets! (try one for water, one for herbal tea!)

It’s clear from it’s size, strength and spaciousness that it would make a great overnight bag too. Just put your mat on the elastic holder on the outside and fill with clothes! (There’s your weekend retreat sorted!) The print is made of vibrant, detailed mandalas printed INTO the canvas, not onto it, so wont rub off over time. This bag will also compliment both a hippy, natural look and you super sporty looking Yogis! We wanted to do a modern twist on traditional patterns and we think this time we nailed it!

Click here to check out the bag’s product page, or here to check out our other bags.

So… what do you think of our new addition? Let us know in the comments, especially if you pick one up for yourself!