Practicing Contentment

in Apr 16, 2024

I realised recently that I have to practice what I preach a little more and something I have been failing to reach is contentment. I asked my father about it. “How do I become more content?” He replied that it was easy and that we just have to focus on the positives instead of the negatives, start appreciating what you have, instead of finding the faults in the way things are.

Oh – that easy huh! So I set about trying to focus on the good things and not the bad. I went to work, a job that I wasn’t fully engaged in. I appreciated having a job, for getting paid, for enabling me to save money to do what I want to do in life. I appreciated my boss for always thanking me for my work. I appreciated the beautiful surroundings of where I was working. I gratefully thanked the doves for bringing a fluttering beauty of their own to my place of work. I deeply bowed to the feet of the Buddha in the courtyard for giving me a path to follow and ways in which to improve myself and my life.

I realised that I was extremely blessed to be exactly where I was and that I was in no position to moan about my job not being perfect.

I began to appreciate the people around me more. Everyone you meet is in your life for a reason, to teach you something. Sometimes it might not be a positive or pleasant experience but you have to try to see what it is that person has been sent to teach you. Normally challenging people help us to grow. They point out our flaws and our weaknesses and show us what it is within ourselves that we have to work on. My teacher in Paris, Linda Munro says that when you point the finger at someone else only one finger points forwards and three fingers point back at you. Take note.

If we only had easy, safe relationships in our lives then we wouldn’t do much growing I am learning to be appreciative of those ‘challenging’ people and not get annoyed with them or put them down. Be grateful for everyone in your life…the good the bad and especially the ugly.

Appreciate nature, get out and look around. No matter how stressed you are nature will relieve you. No matter how angry you are nature will calm you. No matter how depressed or sad you may feel, nature will cheer you. No matter how hard you are, nature will soften you.

Get outdoors. Look around you.

Go for a run in the rain.

Go for a cycle in the sunshine.

Make time to watch the sun set.

Go for a swim in the sea.

Climb a mountain.

Run down a hill.

Go out in the rain; throw your arms up open to the sky. Feel the rain on your face and love it!

Let the natural world make you feel alive!

Appreciate it; don’t moan about it.

Make the most of life.

Start to change the way you look at things today.

Right now.

But remember it is a practice right. Enjoy the process.

Start appreciating everything and everyone around you.

Begin to feel content.