Why Do Yoga – The Big Detox

in Apr 16, 2024

Yoga is not just another exercise and those of us who practice it can vouch for that. Others  who see yogic postures from a distance make their own assumptions. Ten years ago yoga was only for a selected few but over the decade it has been revolutionised and has become one of the fastest growing sport. Calling yoga a sport seems kind of funny as it’s a serious practice not just of the body but that of the mind and the soul. It takes us towards our ultimate goal which is peace. We might not be able to define what we are looking for in life but actually it has to be peace. Peace meaning no worry, peace meaning no thought of the past or the future.

Yogic postures take us within and connect us to our core. They open and balance our meridians which in vedas are called chakras, the 7 energy centers. I have seen this imbalance in myself and those around me  so often. With yoga asanas and the practice of breathing exercises called pranayama, we can align our postures and balance these centers with ease. Of course regular dedicated practice is essential for any sincere  discipline. Each posture has to be done with specific breathing technique which in effect releases a lot of stress and more effectively than any other sport.

Also it’s a myth that yoga is only for women. You build all the muscles in all the right places with yoga. Yoga is a practice which benefits you in multitude of ways and builds your stamina and strength with flexibility. Flexibility of the body and the mind.

Have you noted people when they get stuck in a thought process or in a pattern that they are not even aware that they are stuck? I feel really sad about it as especially for those people yoga can be a wonderous experience and change their life for so much better.

If you have to think of yoga as an exercise then do so cause in a way it is…and let the barrier of not knowing  more about it not stop you please. It’s a beautiful way of life which once understood never leaves you.

Yoga is becoming a fashion  more and more as all sorts of people are doing classes in their gyms and of course it’s a great thing to be seen to do yoga. Its also considered a big detox, both of the mind and body and so it is. Its been a few years since many yoga shops have propped up and people are specially designing clothes for yoga. Gone are those days when big gurus used to practice in their dhoti’s the cotton wrap rounds. It’s the age of fashion and style and people want to look good in anything they do hence there is a term called yoga clothing now.

We here at Yogamasti also have a yoga clothes shop where we sell interesting, fun, holistic and yoga clothing. Have a browse and send us your feedback. If you are someone who is still thinking of starting yoga then its about time you stopped thinking J just do it…

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