Browse our selection of women’s yoga clothing. Our trendy and distinctive style of women’s yoga clothes is bursting with pure yogi soul that won’t let you down. When practicing yoga as part of your fitness routine, it is essential to have clothing that not only works with you, but for you; providing you with everything you need from comfort and practicality to functionality and style. Our Yoga attire is dedicated to doing just that and will also leave you looking good and feeling fantastic!

Whether you are a novice or a pro, our women’s yoga clothing is tailored to help make your yoga journey more comfortable and focused. Perform your asanas in complete confidence knowing that our high-quality, sustainable women’s sportswear has got you covered. 

Explore our unique style of  women’s yoga tops and  women’s yoga bottoms, for the best choice in high quality, eco-friendly activewear for women. Whether you attend a yoga class, yoga solo at home or in the great outdoors, our versatile clothing will help you adapt to your environment by providing you with the full support, comfort and breathability you need during your workout. Not to mention our clothing will have you radiating with enviable style.

Shop our  Yoga vests , made from minimum 70% GOTS certified organic cotton. They remain breathable and move with you no matter how demanding your postures. Our moisture managing weave and label free design brings the best of modern technology and natural fibres together! Their non bulky design and soft, stretchy fabrics will feel like a second skin during your practice. The organic fabric is also kind to sensitive skin. Choose from our many different designs and colours for a modern yoga look to match your personality without the impact on the environment 

Our sleeveless tops come with a built in bra  giving your bust the support it deserves and you the self-confidence to tackle the more challenging asanas and stretches without worry. 

Our loose Yoga tops, made from silky soft viscose fabric, have adjustable straps and elasticated hems that won’t ride up, allowing you to downward dog in confidence. Less distractions will enhance your focus and stability during more tricky inversions, asanas and stretches.

Meditate the day away in our bestselling long sleeved 100% organic cotton Chakra tops with intricate print and  embroidery of the 7 Chakras, for a chic, spiritual look.

Pull on any of our vibrant, sculpting organic yoga leggings and feel the difference of our comfy, soft and stretchy, breathable fabrics. Once you experience the natural sensation of our moisture-absorbing textiles, you’ll never want to wear plastic leggings again. 

Our loose Yoga pants flow like a dream. Wear them to lounge around the house or during your yoga practice, they’re super trendy, ultra-comfy and allow perfect range of movement, you won’t want to take them off! Baggy Yoga pants are perfect for the Yogini that loves to dance, too!  

Yogamasti classic bootcut Yoga pants are a great choice if you want to enjoy hand painted patterns that inspire you to get on the mat. Our hand painted collection is machine washable, totally unique and filled to the brim with Yogi soul.

Check out our styles below and find your new favourite Yoga outfit!

Lotus Yoga Skirt Capri – Organic, Purple, Seamless
Rated 4.75 out of 5
Comfort Flow Harem Yoga Pants – Black
Rated 5.00 out of 5
Mantra Breathe Easy Lounge Yoga Pants For Women
Rated 4.86 out of 5