Incense & Fragrance

Our collection of home fragrance and Yoga incense will lift your spirits! The right scent can invigorate our creativity or take a weight from our shoulders. There is power in scent. There is emotional healing in experiencing certain scents. This is why the practice of aromatherapy is so beneficial to so many. Elevate your Yoga practice and improve your mood with complementary fragrances.

Need to unwind? Try lavender incense. Want to use a traditional incense for meditation? Try sandalwood. Want to enhance your yoga practice? Try our Yoga incense blends.

We have gift sets and sets with a holder included, too. An incense holder is vital for safety and as an ash catcher. We also stock fragrance oils that can be used in ceramic oil burners to fill your house with fragrance, without the smoky smell.

We have specific fragrances blended for Yoga, meditation and all 7 Chakras.