Try Yoga With Your Pets!!

in Apr 16, 2024

Came across something very interesting yesterday….Have you heard of practicing yoga with your pets…yes you read it right…we are talking about getting on to that mat with your dog or going out in the fields and practising some breathing exercises with your Horse…

Trust me I have not lost it…its actually happening… you can practice yoga with your pet!!!

Two interesting types of yoga which you can practice with your pets  that have become popular are Dog Yoga “Doga” and Equine Yoga….

Dogs are considered to be pack animals and hence a natural fit for the practice. Yoga helps build harmony and enhances connection with other beings. Also, its good for the heart and digestive health of your dog….so next time why not take try some basics with your little poodle, or your jumpy pug!!

Another interesting form is the practice of yoga by equestrians…Horseback yoga encourages bonding with an equine partner. Also, as the bond with your pet develops one can try some poses on the horse, whose movements challenge you to remain focused, present and balanced…

So instead of just taking your dog for a walk or a run…GO…get those Yoga pants on and try Yoga with your pets..

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