What does your yoga mat say about you

in Apr 16, 2024

When first starting yoga you probably find yourself using the mats provided in the studio/gym and don’t care too much about it. Common problems then occur ,you either notice its not thick enough, smells like old feet or you slipping in a down dog. Now when you get a little more serious about your practise, it’s a good time to invest in your own mat. The choice is huge and even if your not conscious of it ,what you decide to buy, has a lot to say about you. Your mat becomes your sacred space and before you know it ,the thought of someone else standing on it with shoes on hurts your soul slightly.
My first yoga mat was a cheap yet very pretty patterned one from tkmaxx. After around 3 months of practice I noticed parts of the mat started to disintegrate while practising. and no matter how many times I washed it I could not budge the smell. As I looked around the yoga class no one elses mats seemed to be doing the same. At a closer look they all seemed much better quality and had different little logos in the corners. So I took to the interent and discovered a whole world of yoga mats, ranging from £20 up to a whopping £150 but which to choose. Initially I was looking for wild and crazy patterns but then realised there were other things to consider when buying a mat. The size, length, thickness, material and of course colour.

What’s the most important factor to you when choosing a mat?

You are playful with your practice. Fond of colours-patterns-

You don’t like plain, but instead go after things inspired by funky patterns, art, and landscapes. You are carefree and love colours. Life is full of excitement for you. So a busy and stylist mat will do you.

Eco-Friendly ? love outdoors

You gravitate towards mats with a mission. You want to be part of the bigger picture- recyclable goods, all-natural rubbers, or cork. Apart from practice you do lots of outdoor pursuits which bring you closer to mother earth. You will be looking for a good eco friendly, saving mother earth kind of mat.

Traveller ? Always on the go

You love yoga and are light traveller. You love your mat to be on your side wherever you go. Hence you will need a mat which is not heavy yet has a good cushion

Comfort yogi

You love being snug, comfortable and like the creature comforts. Being nourished is important to you and you nurture your mat. You look after it so you might be someone who will spend money on the mat.

Hot Yoga Mat

You like to be challenged. You love to sweat in the class and detox. You are strong with great inner strength. You will be the one looking for a yoga towel right?

Well we here at yogamasti do a lovely travel mat, yoga mat towels for hot yoga and a stunning cushioned 6mm thickness mat which you just might love. So stroll into our shop and have a browse.More so whatevere mat you buy, make sure it’s a good quality and not made with PVC.