Mudra Madness

in Apr 16, 2024

Mudra Madness

Mudra in Sanskrit meaning seal or closure.
Mudras are hand gestures used when meditating or in a physical asana class to enhance your intention and direct the flow of energy within the body. Each Mudra corresponds to a different element within the body and either triggers a healing or stimulating process.

Every finger represents an element-how interesting!

When the elements are not balanced problems can occur within the body. Mudras help to balance the elements and help generate a specific state of mind.

Mudras vary from just simply connecting one finger to the thumb to creating shapes with both hands or even the entire body.

Here at Yogamasti we love Mudras so much it’s even our logo and probably the most popular Mudra , connecting the index finger to the thumb this mudra is connected to the root chakra. By stimulating the air element within the body, it gives a sense of expansion and knowledge to its user and helps ease depression.
Choosing a mudra to use is a lovely way to enhance your practice and adds another layer to the experience. So why not get creative and find your perfect one today?

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