Your Three Bodies-the true self

in Apr 16, 2024

Your three bodies-the true self

Many practice yoga to reach Samadhi and Samadhi is meant to bring you back to ‘ones true self’ The first time I heard this I remember thinking ,well…. what on earth is that meant to mean? Your ‘raw being’, ‘who you really are’ yes equally confusing, still not quite understanding it.
It wasn’t until my philosophy teacher started speaking about the 3 different body that it all began to not only make sense but infact fascinated me.

According to Hinduism human individual has three bodies:
• Physical or gross body (Sthula Sharira),
• Subtle body (Linga Sharira), AURA, light
• Causal body (Karana Sharira). Atman, true soul

So first off we have the Gross body, the body you can see and feel, that exists in the world of the 5 senses. Whilst we are alive it acts as a vehecle in which we drive through the world. Then when we die we leave this Gross body behind. It ages, it dies and then decays

We then have a subtle body which can be refered to as the astral/energy body and can be seen in the form of what is called an Aura. Ever felt like a dream was real?

Well, in terms of the 3 bodies it is. We sleep for over 36% of your lives and whilst we leave our physical gross body to sleep comfortable each night, our subtle body awakens and begin to dance into the night. Then right before we wake up, the two reconnect. Sometimes however the timing isn’t quite right and some people experience out of body experiences like looking at themselves from above whilst they sleep.

Experiences and external influences that happen to a person can change and effect the subtle body and shape a persons personality but this body does not die when a person dies, infact it lingers until a new gross body is formed.

Now ,lets talk about the most fascinating and important body -the Causal body and in basic terms your soul. So the gross body dies and decays, the sutble body is changeable but the Causal body always stays the same. It is who you will always be from the beginning of creation to the end of time. It weaves from one life time into the next life time creating endless past lives.

And how incredible is that? So be happy with the three bodies you have and integrate them together to live a wholesome experience called LIFE.

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