What Led Me To Designing Yoga Clothing – Part 2?

in Apr 17, 2024
Well, took a couple of pain killers(dont take them often though) and feel better now. Been away to Munich for the yoga expo as well so could not continue with my story for a few days so sorry guys, if you were reading?

 After that acute pain, I fought against my body like we all do, I asked for forgiveness, I couldn’t understand how this could happen to me!! ‘I am a dancer and this is just not possible’ that thought permeated my being all day every day.

In and out of hospitals for 4 years, I was treated for cervical spondylosis and recently found out that my neck was in fact broken at the time .My body internally healed itself and my skull bone and the top vertebras fused together, not knowing which direction to move in. well, it resulted in a limited movement in my neck.
A part of me had to accept the limitation but there was a much stronger another someone who will not listen, who wanted to move freely and not care! Who missed the sound of the bells too much!

My ego and me…i still live with a broken neck which has taken its own shape and found its place  but it doesn’t stop me doing yoga or even dance, I cannot get into all postures but I do what I can and hey I teach as well.

hmmm…not very interesting perhaps to some but a true living to me …i will write more tomorrow..

Be good to your self and others x

By the way, Munich was a lot of fun!

Love from Yogamasti.