Yoga Clothes – All Sorts

in Apr 17, 2024

Since Yoga is a very physical practice, the comfort element of the Yoga clothes has to be given paramount importance. Some like it fitting so that they can see their form in the postures and some like it loose to allow for more movement. Don’t wear anything that will restrict your movements. Sweat absorbent clothes are very good, so look for the right fabric. A blend of cotton with Lycra is great. Whether you opt for loose or fitted clothes make sure you feel good in them or else your mind will be distracted from your practice, the aim is to relax. Clothes with holistic motifs rather than adidas stripes might just enhance your practice, hence the term, yoga clothes. Why not check out our Yoga Clothing ?

Best Yoga mat for me?

Well…A good yoga mat is an absolute essential for good practice. As a beginner do not worry too much about the quality of the mat but go for a basic sticky mat which provides you with a good grip and you feel confident in your asana practice. Once you have reached the advance stage or if you are a teacher its important that you choose the mat you practice on carefully. There are many eco friendly, biodegradable non toxic mats out there so shop around and look for the right price as well. A good mat is for keeps and will not come very cheap.

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Yoga Mat Bag

Do I need one?

Yes you do….

Like anything else you need to protect your mat from dust, liquids etc as this is your sacred mat and has been energised by your practice. Also its easy to carry a good quality yoga mat bag to your class or the gym and nothing else, as most good bags will have a towel pocket, be spacious enough for an extra pair of clothing and what’s more, our yoga bags also have pockets for mobile and most importantly a water bottle pocket. Look the part and feel the part.

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Yoga Props

Good for some but hey! Don’t make them a crutch , work with your own body..

Not absolutely essential but Yoga props like a belt, blocks etc can aid greatly in achieving a good posture and making it easier for you. They also support your muscles hence less effort on your part. They are extremely useful for people with physical limitations or the elderly.

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