What Led Me To Designing Yoga Clothing?

in Apr 17, 2024
Well, I grew up in the lap of Gurgaon, a small town near Delhi  in India. Dancing amidst the cows with my ghunghroos (ankle bells) I was blessed with educated and loving parents who encouraged me to learn to dance professionally. I took to classical dance at a very early age and finished my prabhakar (six years course) when I finished high school.
India has a rich heritage of music and dance and most educated families take the discipline seriously and the girls have to learn some or the other form of art as that enhances their prospect of getting a good husband!! Well that was the story back then when I was very little. I am sure that still is the case with some families but lucky for me my parents were of a literary background and well travelled and such like beliefs were not given any prominence in my house.
My craving to learn more took me to reputed schools and some amazing teachers. While my practice was going on in full swing, my body had a mind of its own and it decided to desert me when one day all of a sudden I found that I cant move my neck! Those painful screaming moments still give me a shudder….
The very thought of this is making me rest my neck which is in acute pain right now…started my regular practice after a long lapse and its taking its toll on my neck as always…

Continue with my story , perhaps tomorrow…for now I love you and leave you Yogis with yogamasti collection of yoga clothes and other goodies and with the thought of looking and feeling like a yogi in your class…..

Can anyone tell me of some simple neck exercises to ease a pain of a broken neck? Let me know please x

Love and more love
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