What To Pack For A Yoga Retreat – Your Getaway Checklist

in Apr 12, 2024

 Here we’ve broken down what to pack for a yoga retreat. We won’t be covering the trip-away basics here like socks and toothbrushes, just the stuff particular to a yoga-centric getaway. Keep in mind how inclusive your retreat is. It’s unlikely they won’t have the basics like mats and towels.

So here are some suggestions of retreat items you might have forgotten. Plus, a few tips on picking the right clothes for the right retreat.


  • Mini heat packs (these can work wonders on aches and cramps you might get. Yoga is hard work!)
  • Massage roller (Again, yoga is hard work!)
  • Wet wipes (they can clean most mats, people & surfaces safely & quickly)
  • Sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen! This is THE most important toiletry! Even in spring, 2 hours of outdoor yoga can be very hazardous to your skin. And trust us.. yoga + sunburn = disaster for your relaxation & focus! Sunburn can ruin your practice and focus for a whole retreat!


  • At least 2 pairs of yoga bottoms, and 2 tops
  • 1 set of loungewear (for when you’re relaxing in your room, or exploring your building)
  • A decent, hardy pair of shoes. This is a real essential! Chances are you’ll be somewhere stunning, and lack of decent shoes can kill your exploration potential. Ballet flats and thin trainers aren’t the best thing to climb a hill or explore a forest in, after all. Get the most out of your location!
  • A waterproof, weatherproof jacket. (Yes, even if you’re going somewhere with guaranteed sun!)
  • A lightweight wrap. These can keep the sun off, or keep the evening chill off. If heat is stopping you sleeping, a damp wrap draped over you can be a real life saver.

Tips on picking what yoga clothes to take:

Try and keep your wardrobe as versatile as you can, as most retreats offer yoga in different locations on site, as well as outside

Chances are it’ll be keeping cool, not warm, which will be your concern on a retreat. But always ask yourself this about yoga clothing: is it practical for where I’m going? (not just ‘does it make me look fab?’ ;)) For example, a pair of pants that look good but distract you from a good practice are a definite no-no for a retreat.

In warmer climes breathability will be your priority, and that’s where baggy pants or moisture wicking comes in. If you’re going to be somewhere humid we wouldn’t recommend bootleg pants or yoga socks. You need more moisture control to stay comfortable in that kind of climate. Options like our seamless leggings have a moisture wick weave. This means they guide moisture away from the skin so it can quickly evaporate, keeping you cooler and drier than other fabrics. Looser options like our Comfort Flow range allow air to circulate around the skin. Fabrics like viscose also retain a cool, smooth feel. They provide ultra thin fabric without showing your body.

If you’re brave enough, heat can mean you just want to practice in your sports bra. But if you’d prefer a tank top, all our seamless, moisture wicking tops have in built bras.

Always take an ‘old faithful’ item with you, too. It might be a faded tshirt or a perfect pair of joggers, but you don’t have to look chic 24/7. It’s a retreat after all! There’s nothing wrong with practicing in that worn-out shirt that’s the most comfy thing you own!

We hope this has given you some ideas on what to pack for a yoga retreat. Adding yoga to a holiday gives an extra set of needs that are always best to keep in mind.