Whats on your Yoga Agenda for 2016?

in Apr 16, 2024

Planning is always beneficial and it helps ensure that you are heading in the right direction when it comes to your goals and targets. So why not have a plan for your yoga practice as well. Lets see what all can be there on your Yoga Agenda for 2016…

Your Agenda has to be your own and can’t be defined by someone else. If you are new to the practice take the advice of your instructor and you can come up with a detailed Yoga agenda for yourself…

Think of theme for your practice for every month, or if you want to focus on a particular problem you want to cure make your Yoga agenda around around…

Go all out and decide to try all types and varied from of yoga…try something new, maybe you would want to move from hatha to vinyasa flow or why not give hot yoga a try….if you have an agenda in place its more likely to ensure that you achieve it..

Mostly what happens?? We just keep thinking about things and we are not able to implement it…once things are on paper, you are more likely to put your thoughts into action..

What will help you in this task is to have a planner and chalk out the theme for each month/quarter or 6 months….whatever works best for you….Always always remember…make YOURSELF the centre of your practice….its all about YOU..

In addition its good to have a yoga journal and jot down your experiences on a regular basis…it beneficial especially if you are a beginner..

So give it a serious thought and get your 2016 Yoga Agenda in place….

A Yoga agenda will help make your yoga practice even more fun to explore, reflect and be inspired even beyond the yoga mat

And always remember to make it fun and interesting…because no point in doing anything which you don’t enjoy..

And always practice yoga in style…..increase that style quotient, try Yogamasti