Why Are So Many People Wearing Baggy Yoga Pants?

in Apr 12, 2024

Does loose fitting yoga clothing provide better performance on the mat? Is it just a shift in fashion?

We think it’s mostly to do with comfort, rather than some performance mystery. Loose yoga pants can be ideal for Ashtanga yoga, which is both dynamic (bendy!) and energetic (sweaty!). With a pant style like this you have a perfect mix of breathing room and flawless movement. We hear from customers all the time that once you start wearing harem pants… you never want to take them off! As long as they’re not looking too much like your pajamas, you can wear them out and about. Pajamas are banned in most supermarkets, so we’d advise not letting that lounge-look get too relaxed. It might save you an awkward moment with a Tesco security guard…

That being said, there’s definitely benefits to this harem pant style… the relaxed look means it’s easy to match, and you wont spend all day adjusting the fit. Sleepy summer days may seem a world away at this time of the year, but baggy yoga pants are the sunshine girl’s best friend. They also flatter the majority of body shapes, as they only accentuate the the waist and ankles.

Give them a try and see what all the fuss is about! They don’t work for everyone, but their increase in popularity is for a very good reason!