Why Relaxation Between Poses Is Essential?

in Apr 16, 2024

Its not rocket science to understand why relaxation between poses is so essential? Its actually the most important aspect of asana which we need to implement in our daily practice.relaxing pose

Relaxation between each posture is vital to reduce the build up of lactic acid and for the vital energy (prana) to flow freely in order to recharge the body.

The constant switch between effort and relaxation enables the body to get out of the fight or flight mode and more naturally function in the para-sympathetic mode and thus start repairing and healing itself. The benefits of this are a more engergised, rejuvenated clear-minded self

We all need that and hence we practice yoga right ? When we relax our body, mind is relaxed too. Its not concentrating on anything for those few seconds. Especially when the body starts to feel really tired, I know mine does 🙂 stop and relax then. Relaxation between poses does not mean loose the warmth of the body and start again. It means slow down, and breathe in deeply a few times , relax and start again.

How many of us actually know that Mind releasing technique is yoga itself!!

Relaxation between each posture is also important for the body to neutralise, absorb the effects of the previous position and prepare itself for the next. So lets not run and there is everything in the here and now! Lets take yog asanas slowly and rever it to its fullest.

Actually enjoy this mindful practice and stay in that heavenly space of stillness.

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