Why Live In The Mundane?

in Apr 16, 2024

Mundane exists where there is no change. Where there is no change there is static atmosphere and where there is static there is clutter,no freedom, no flexibility, no movement.

Does anything exist without movement in it?!

Discard the mundane and transform it into bliss. You can do it! Really you can…

Don’t like your job? Write down the things you don’t like about it and why. Think hard. Can you change it? Is it something in you that is stopping you from enjoying the job? Yes, it can be sometimes you know. We all can get stuck in a mode of doing things the way we always have done and don’t learn the new ways which creates the mundane. So look closely and if you still find that it is actually the job, then its time to move on to newer avenues and exploring your self for sure..

Daunting as it might be its the best thing you would do for yourself. And you know it!

Living in the mundane for long is like destroying yourself willingly:) and if we really knew that, would we do it? NO!!

When we are living in the mundane, we are not doing anybody else any favours as well. So how do we behave  really?

We are grumpy                                                 

We moan a lot

We are not happy

We don’t smile enough

We even get jealous of others

We can only pass on and give to others what we have right? So if we have only all of the above, then its real sad as we don’t really want to give others unhappiness and living in the mundane most definitely breeds unhappiness. So shake your self, move a little, dance a little, do yoga, go to a tai chi class, do whatever that makes you feel alive. Kick a leg or two, talk to yourself, pep talk as well and change your mundane into bliss. Either change yourself by being aware or change your situation.

Life is a beautiful gift. Sun is shinning upon me as I am writing and I tell you its pure bliss- life:)

Aanika from yogamasti: www.yogamasti.co.uk