Suffering Anxiety!? Get into Yoga

in Apr 16, 2024

Stress is the biggest cause of anxiety which creates state of fear, worry or tension. Continual study of this has proven that practices like yoga, tai chi and meditation reduces those stress levels and bring us back to the harmonious state that we are born to live.

Excessive anxiety can be alleviated through a slow, gentle regular yoga practice focusing on postures that calm the heart and the mind, balance the emotions, and release body tension. Pranayama assists with the same.We are all living in a very materialistic world and somehow have lost the meaning of living. Living with joy and peace. Moreover in this life of strife and competitiveness, we loose our perspectives so often and take undue stress. When feeling those moments of stress if we watch it and stay positive, the same situation changes shape and form.

So here comes the practice of yoga and its many postures which can restore our energies and produce a calming effect and in fact detoxify us. For those of us who practice regularly, we will know that restorative poses, inversions and forward bends are especially calming to the body and mind, helping to reduce and prevent excessive anxiety.

Childs pose, shavasana, crocodile, seated forward bend, simple inversions such as downward dog, standing forward bend, and many others actually make our blood pressure rise in the head which actually triggers a calming response and lowers heart and breathing rates. Though all these are not for everybody. Always practice yoga asanas given to you by a teacher.

Emotions play a large role in anxiety disorders. Excessive feeling of fear, worry, irritability, anger and depression can all add and exasperate our level of anxiety. Twists, hip opening poses and sidebends will all help to balance the emotions, and thus help reduce feelings of anxiety.

Breath! How little we focus on the breath as compared to the asana practice.When practicing pranayama, yogic breathing exercises, the nervous system is naturally calmed and soothed. With a regular practice we can learn how to consciously maintain a slow deep breath at all times to prevent and minimize excess states of anxiety.

Inundated with thoughts? meditate.Negative thoughts create stress so stop thinking! yes stop thinking and you can do this only if you meditate.

Get into yoga now than later. It came to me only a few years ago and I so wish that my parents had put me to learn yoga and its varied principals of life much earlier in life.

Yoga equips us to live with peace and joy and create less anxiousness in life than necessary:)

So don’t get anxious simply go join a class!

Yoga is another form of meditation too.

All of these holistic practices including yoga  cultivate the mental faculties of faith, self-control, concentration, determination, and patience. And when practiced together will create an even stronger effect on calming the mind and emotions.This not to say that if you are suffering from an anxiety disorder you don’t seek medicine. Of course but practice yoga as well.

Lets start now.

Aanika from