Winter Yoga…How to Prepare Yourself

in Apr 16, 2024

That lovely time of the year again…one can feel the nip in the air, the festive season is just around the corner, the streets are getting lit with those christmas lights, snuggling in a blanket with a nice hot cuppa is becoming a very tempting options….YES winter is coming….

Though the season brings in its lovely luxuries…its also that time of the year when the dull energies set in and one tends to feel gloomy…The feelings of fatigue, sluggishness creep in and the urge to hibernate is at its paramount. Winter is a time when our muscles contract which can create tension and tight muscles. But dont you worry because yoga can be your additional protective cover this winter…

So how to prepare yourself for Yoga in the winters….

First of all don’t become a fair-weather Yogi…ensure that you keep practicing throughout the dull winter months.

Its essential to keep the body warm during the winter months. Though the days are short but go out and get as much sunshine as possible. The energy from the sun brings positivity. It also essential to focus on your Warm-up exercises….extremely essential in the winter months as prevent injury and muscle tears..

The practice of sun salutations (surya namashkar), warm the entire body lubricating within and between each muscle, allowing for deeper stretching, detoxification and releasing physical and emotional tension within the body..

Yoga asanas are extremely helpful in increasing the internal heat of the body and exercises such as Ujjayi pranayama (victorious breath) can help turn on the internal heat. Ujjayi pranayama not only heats the body but it also helps to sooth and calm the mind. Tension from cold and damp weather doesn’t just take a physical toll but can be mentally taxing as well.

Don’t forget to meditate for a min of 10 min everyday…as it helps reduce stress and uplifts the mood..

Also, pray extra attention to what you eat…try to include in your diet moist, cooked foods, heavy, naturally sweet-like yams, carrots etc and eat healthy amount of high quality oils as they all help to keep the body warm..

Also, when you head out for your yoga practice try wearing an extra layer that would help keep your muscles warm..Try out Yogamasti’s Yoga Hoddie…just the right garment to keep you warm and going when you practice..
So yes winter is coming….lets all get ready and embrace the festive season with open arms….And as said earlier Don’t be a fair-weather Yogi