Why Meditate?

in Apr 16, 2024

Why Meditate?

A good question in todays fast paced world. A digital age that we are living in where there is no real time to meditate.

In olden times to sit in sukhasana, close your eyes and go within was called meditation. In todays world sitting on a computer and browsing is called meditation:) Well it really can be true meditation if you are in the moment!!

A generic term ‘in the moment’ very sparingly used by yogis and all alike these days. Are we ever in the moment? REALLY?

Do we see the rose or do we actually think when we are looking at the rose? Osho said, simply look— can we? I cant!

I have tried hard but the thought that the rose is so exquisite, so refreshing, so soft , so beautiful and so on keepings coming in… may just for a fraction of a second I did look:)

Well meditation helps with simply looking or so its believed. Why meditate? Meditate so we can feel life, so we can live a full life, so we can love more, so we can listen more…

To meditate is to be in the moment, To be fully alive to what we are doing right NOW!

So, never mind if you don’t have a moment to sit quiet with closed eyes!!:) Although sitting meditation done regularly will do wonders to your life! Do whatever you do fully and I mean FULLY….

Wash your face-feel the water, the cold, the freshness, the smell of the soap

Practice- feel your body, feel your breath, no thinking

When walking- feel your feet, what’s under the feet, the pace, the sound that you make, the breath, the unevenness of the floor- look

Are you getting it?! really be wherever you are and then you wont have to ask the question why meditate??? As you will be meditating every minute and life will be a lotta fun. Abundance will be there for you in whatever you do..

haha 🙂 what are we waiting for?

All our love from yogamasti.

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