in Apr 16, 2024

Love Amma? Get hugged by her every year? Wanna see her again?

YES YES AND MORE YES!  But do we actually live by her principals? Do we? Its not just about feeling her innate giving energy and healing ourselves for the moment, I think its about following what she says in our daily living.

Amma says ..

LOVEin her own wordsLove is our true essence.”   “You can only feel love by expressing it.”   “The more you give, the more your heart is filled. Love is a never ending stream.”   “Real love is the complete absence of any negative feelings towards anyone.”   

So we have to express love with our words, our actions, our eyes, our expressions. I think when we are truly letting the person see who we are we are truely loving them.

SERVE- in ammas own words –Our highest, most important duty in this world is to help our fellow beings.”   “We should serve others without any expectations whatsoever. When others throw thorns at us, we should be able to throw flowers back at them.”

So lets not be concerned with what we get but rather what we give….

CONSERVE-in her own words-For man, there cannot be an existence removed from nature. However, because of his thoughtless actions, the equilibrium in nature is getting disturbed; the pulse of human life is becoming erratic, too. Air and water have become polluted. Rivers are drying up. Seasons arrive unseasonably. New diseases are spreading. If things continue this way, the human race is in for a monumental catastrophe. There is an underlying order to everything in nature. We don’t need to do anything to maintain the beauty of forests, rivers and mountains. However, when human beings systematically plunder natural wealth for selfish reasons, the natural order gets disturbed. Nature’s face becomes disfigured.

So shall we get attuned with mother earth, with nature, preserve nmature wherever we can, support causes for that. get more greener and eco friendly… lets start today

PRACTICE Bhakti Yoga-  Chant, sing devote, pray- basically surrender yourself and hence your ego, becaome selfless and the light WILL shine..

So besides getting a warn so needed hug from amma lets also try and live those principals what amma stands for. Let yoga and its yogic principals along with the above help us evolve.

All our love!