5 Daily Moves That Will Keep You Supple!

in Apr 16, 2024

Well well well….. Not all of us have time to do a daily class or even 5 days a week right? Lucky are those – yes! lucky are those very few privileged ones who can afford to take time out for a daily yoga class.

So what do we do to keep supple and strong? Regardless of whether you have that precious hour for yoga, if you keep doing these daily moves, it will help in you keeping supple for sure.

And they don’t take that much time, may be 15 minutes or so….. You could stretch it a lil more depending on your bussssy schedule for that day!

Daily move 1

Rotation of joints–  Wrists -shoulders -waist -eyes -ankles – knees –  Rotate them every day. Really it takes about 3 minutes to finish all rotations and by the time you are finished your heart rate will be high as well.. ha ha ! I love it.

Daily move 2

Surya namaskars – Yeah, I know you will say that this requires time but you will be wrong! Have you tried doing just 6 rounds of surya namaskars on each leg in continuation? It takes literally 4 minutes if you are doing it correctly and without stopping. Breathing of course:)

Daily move 3

Combination of forward bends and back bends – This will take …ummm lets say 3 minutes – Do padangusthasana 5 times.

So keep your feet hip distance apart and bend down with an inhale.Then exhale and bend kness inhale and stretch them out staright. Repeat 5 times. Follow this with a downward facing dog , where you are digging the heels into the floor one by one while keeping the back startech and breathing deep. 

Daily move 4- Do a bridge pose 5 times , going up and down and then do variations of extending the leg out. This is an excellent massage to the back as well. Will take 3 minutes

so we have done about 13 minutes so far

Daily move 5 – Rock your body! YES! simply Hug your knees while lying on your back and rock and roll on the floor for aminute before settling in a childs pose. This will clear your knots and race your heart as well.

Begin your day with renewed positive energy:)


Love from yogamasti

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