Reasons To Love Ashtanga Yoga

in Apr 16, 2024

Why Ashtanga? 

Continuity of breath and constant movement of the body makes ashtanga yoga a powerful and very deepening enjoyable practice. You feel really centered and focused as there is no space, I mean real space in between breaths. You as a yogi are forced to be in the moment

Yoga teaches us to cleanse the body and the mind, so that we can eventually see the truth, feel the truth and know it first hand.

Because of the repetition of postures in each series, people enjoy knowing which poses are coming next, and it also makes it easier to focus on breath and measure progress over time. Some may find it mundane and boring but there lies the difference in any yogi and an ashtanga yogi 🙂

The heat and sweatiness of the whole atmosphere in the class makes it even more special, not that you cannot sweat with hatha you know? But because of less relaxation periods in between you somewhat sweat more and feel a great workout experience.

What’s more, its great for hamstrings as it has loads of forward bending:)!

So are you now a conformed ashtanga yogi?!

Whatever yoga you do we are all aware that its not just any exercise, its a healing process and hence we get easily hooked to it. Be it 5.30 am or 7 am. we will continue to practice regularly. It makes us feel real alive and that’s living right?

Enjoy your practice. No wonder we gave one of our leggings the name of ashtanga leggings:))

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