Yoga Can Make You Taller! …Sorta? Our Thoughts And Tips On Posture

in Apr 12, 2024

Yoga: miracle height extender? Yoga can make you taller?! Well… sortof…

We’re not sure where this latest yoga claim came from, but we can say that in this case, there’s smoke where there’s fire. This rumor has a basis in fact – there is truth to the claim that you can gain height from correcting your bad posture. Elongating the upper spine raises the head and eye level – you’re not taller, per-se… but you’ll feel it!

Decent posture also creates a different overall impression to those around you. It sounds silly, but just occupying your space in a confident and poised way can make you appear bigger than you are (think every celebrity red carpet or photo shoot you’ve ever seen).

Psychology and how we feel about ourselves can maximise or minimise us. Yoga can make you taller not because of a holistic miracle, but because regular practice re-programs your body to have better resting posture and to quit slouching.

Our biggest, quickest tip to grab an inch or two and feel instantly confident? The 3- second drop n’ roll!

Try it now – pull your arms back and stretch above your head and behind your back, as shown in the pictures. Roll your shoulders backwards a few times and pause just as you begin to drop them on the downwards rotation. There – instant posture correction! You can do this anywhere! At your desk, standing in line at the supermarket… A lot more places than you can walk around with a book on your head a-la-My Fair Lady!

Really Stubborn Slouch?

If even regular yoga isn’t fixing that slouch, grab yourself a posture corrector belt or workout waistband. These have strong elastic material and will give your lower back an extra boost until you hold yourself perfectly!